We are the trucking industry’s first choice in Stainless Steel and Aluminum quality. Using the best in class precision cutting processes and masterful fabrication work practices, we pride ourselves in the Accessories we provide to some of the hardest working people in America – Big Rig Owners and Operators.

Our products have been featured on trucks at countless shows, expo’s, television shows, contests, magazines, and fleets all across the nation. Our portfolio of distributors span globally, providing our quality crafted accessories to most major Truck Accessory businesses and body shops.

We are based in California, where we can work alongside our American steel and aluminum providers to ensure your product is made with the highest grade and quality possible. Keeping our work local helps us to innovate new and exciting accessories for the evolving trucker.

The Aranda family have been making quality aluminum and stainless-steel accessories for 20 years. Even before we started our business we worked hard on making truck parts the best of the best.

We started honing our craft when Javier Aranda Sr. – Our father, perfected his workmanship by building the industry’s leading Turbowings for the company Wing Master. Ever since leaving the company, he and his son Javier Aranda Jr. started Aranda Truck Accessories as a humble chrome shop on here they jumped to an industrial garage on Alameda st. in downtown Los Angeles.

From here they jumped to an industrial garage and began to fabricate their own custom products, and then finally to a large scale factory where their vision began to take shape.

Now after 20 years of service and a catalogue of over 2,700 fully customizable products, we still provide the quality and craftsmanship you expect from a genuine ATA truck part.

With Gratitude,

The Aranda Family